MagnaCom is a privately held technology company aiming to reinvent the evolution of digital communications.

The company was founded around a whole new, patented modulation technology called WAM™, which can help alleviate the global spectrum congestion and insatiable demand for more bandwidth.

WAM can be adapted in cellular, Wi-Fi, satellite and cable TV, wireless backhaul, cable and DSL modems, long and short haul fiber and numerous other applications.

The company assembled a world-class team of scientists, executives and advisors from Broadcom, Motorola Mobility, Texas Instruments, Intel, ST Microelectronics and Passif Semiconductor (acquired by Apple).

WAM technology applies to carriers, handset manufacturers, any wired and wireless system OEMs, and communication IC vendors who strive to save spectrum, increase bandwidth, speed and distance or reduce power consumption.

With 15 patents and over 50 pending MagnaCom is challenging the 40-year dominance of QAM as the modulation of choice for all advanced wired and wireless systems.