• Advancing WiFi Innovation

    With over 160 global patents filed, and nearly 70 granted U.S. patents carrying over 1,500 inventions (claims), MagnaCom is now a recognized technology innovation powerhouse. The company is creating a scalable platform for next-generation networks based on WAM, a multi-dimensional non-linear modulation, and Standard-compliant QAM-based derivatives, such as WAM-RX.

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  • Introducing WAM-RX™

    Patented ultra-sensitive Wi-Fi receiver enables mobile devices to operate at much higher power efficiency – improving power, range and speed, with full Wi-Fi standard compliance. Fierce Wireless Best in Show as the Best Technical Problem-Solver award winning technology.

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  • WAM-RX Features

    Enabling 802.11ax Wi-Fi for mobile phones

    • Up to 7dB advantage
    • Receiver-only silicon implementation
    • Uses existing terminal station silicon
    • Saves 500mW for current mobile devices
    • Makes 802.11ax possible in mobile
    • Saves over 1 watt of power at QAM 1024
    • 100% Wi-Fi standard compliant