• Qualcomm Exec Joins MagnaCom

    Steve Altman built Qualcomm’s mobile technology licensing operation. Now he’s helping MagnaCom proliferate WAM as the new modulation of the 21st Century for both wired and wireless networks. Read what GigaOM had to say.

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  • Patents & Licensing

    In parallel to inventing and developing WAM technology, MagnaCom has invested significantly in protecting its Intellectual Property. MagnaCom has already filed over 70 patent applications globally and been granted 15 first utility United States patents.

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  • WAM Technology Features

    Radical improvements vs todays’ legacy QAM systems:

    • Up to 10dB system gain advantage
    • Up to 400% the distance
    • Up to 50% lower power
    • Up to 50% spectrum savings
    • Major increase in speed
    • Lower cost and easier design
    • 100% backward compatible